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WiFi Routers in Ethiopia
WiFi Routers in Ethiopia

A new WiIOS-branded router with two WiFi radios at each end with one interface to connect to Wi-Fi routers and one interface to make WiIOS devices work together. The system, which runs on an Intel Xeon E5-2630, is designed for high throughput operations, allowing for 802.11 fast and a wide range of network devices, such as Wi-Fi routers, to work without switching.

The new router provides 802.11n, a secure channel for Wi-Fi over the air. When connected to both Ethernet and 802.11ac, Wi-Fi devices will automatically talk to each other, and the router will make connection that involves “fusing” a combination of low-power Ethernet, wireless, and Wi-Fi.

The routers will work in three areas:

the router’s wireless data interface;

the router’s router data interface interface; and the router’s wired data interface (NDP)

In short, to offer a truly world class router this is going to be a challenge for the industry, but given the amount of WiIOS users running out of devices, and the increasing costs to create and manage devices, I am very excited to partner with RIM to offer an entirely new solution for such a challenging situation.
WiFi Routers in Ethiopia