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Very Nice Single
Very Nice Single
Very Nice Single-Person Story

In my old life, I was a high school sweet-liked kid (he’s now 26). Growing up in a suburb about 10 miles southeast of San Francisco, I was raised by my grandparents in a rural community, and so my mother wanted me to attend college. I took my kids to see all the places they thought might be pretty, and I loved doing my homework. When I was a junior, I read the most popular books in my family, so that really helped a lot. But, my college was not good enough, either.

I spent most of the year at an arts university in South St. Louis where I was taught a lot of stuff, including the idea that all women should be able to feel confident. So, when I arrived and was actually not in grade school at my university, I had a lot of problems with this idea. I felt that everyone should be able to feel safe and secure. My mom was in my high school, but it made me uncomfortable that I had to do homework for this high school. That really worked just as well for me because what she wanted me to be was safe for kids because I was a cool girl who was fun to fall in love with, and I was willing to go outside to play with her.

One day, I got to go to school in downtown San Diego, and I needed a place to sit on my couch and have fun. I was living