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Smart Watch Series 6
Smart Watch Series 6

We have three variations of the Watches which all come in black with red accents. The black version features the original red/gold watch made in USA which was made to be fast and easy to use and comes in 4 watches as Watches 24/36. If you have an Android Wear smartwatch, be sure to check out our guide to watch making around the world so you know what you are missing!

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The Red Watch Series 3 is the next iteration of the Watch Series and is made of the 4 of the same watch from the original series. The 3 is only available as a full size watch through our site and is available in black or gray which were used along with black. The 3 has a white dial, a small black “S” and black dial with white trim. We are going to give you a recap on the watch in each watch range but for now the video provides a picture on this watch. Note that you have several options when visiting our website to choose from!

The watch is made in the USA in many calibers but the 4 of the Watch Series offers a large range.