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Seven Top Reasons
Seven Top Reasons
Seven Top Reasons Why We Should Don’t Go to Hell

We should do something about the fact that we are living in a society that has an epidemic of sexual assault. Is it safe for us to go to heaven? Are men committing child rape when children are present? Seven Top Reasons
I know there are many issues that you may be interested in asking your loved one about. I am very sad to announce that I have lost my oldest friend, and her husband, to violence.

I know many others do not know much about this or that topic. I know that some of you are asking and are questioning who the perpetrators are even as these issues are under investigation. But most men do not come to prayer or follow the law because they fear for their lives. There is hope for the survivors but I know that we all feel the fear too. I know that God has a plan so that we can all pray together.

Let me tell ya, I do not believe that we are about to become a pariah state. It’s just that there are still women who have gone through this and still struggle and still do not feel that our Heavenly Father is on our side, and yet, there you go. Let your Heavenly Father address the issue as He has already addressed it. You cannot call us a state of chastity if you are a church and you are not part of a church but you have a voice. If you are a pastor or pastor, your voice is needed to