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Men ‘s Black NAN
Men 's Black NAN
Men ‘s Black NAN Project , in its third year, is aiming to have more people on campus who experience the same experiences that they have.

“In one year, we would have to have 100 black women come to our schools and say, ‘Hello Black people, we wish you would be here,'” Mr. Martin said. “And here we are and all of a sudden they feel uncomfortable for only about 15 minutes, when the rest of us have no room.”
Men ‘s Black NAN

The annual Black Women’s Pride Week brings together more than 350,000 students from over 50 cities around the world to celebrate the life of Black women and girls.

“It’s a wonderful thing in itself,” Ms. Martin said. “It’s a very special event that is important just for those of us on campus because it will be a way for people who aren’t on campus to be able to be more at peace with themselves and with the world around us.”