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Hair Straightener
Hair Straightener
Manufacturers produce a wide range of such devices, among which there are both professional and conventional models. The principle of operation of the device is to heat the plates to a certain temperature, and the coating of these plates is very different. When choosing such a product, it is very important to know the differences between professional and household irons.
The first ones do not have a large number of functions, but they are very reliable, practical and easy to use, which allows them to perform their key task efficiently. Non-professional products have a beautiful appearance and a number of additional features that are often completely useless. Household models are much cheaper, but appliances for professional use will heat up much faster, besides, they will be much easier to clean, they have temperature control for different types of hair.
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To avoid damaging your hair, you should choose the right coverage of the heating plate. They are of various types:
In professional models, plates made of metal are practically not used due to a number of disadvantages: cosmetics adhere to their surface, they heat up and cool down more slowly, it is not too easy to adjust the temperature, which increases the likelihood of hair damage.
Ceramic plates do not affect the hair structure too much. Many models are coated with tourmaline, a natural source of negative ions, which will add extra shine to the hair. In addition to the materials themselves, the width of the plates plays an important role – the model should be selected according to this principle depending on the type of hair. So, for thin ones, an iron with narrow plates is best suited, for thick ones, you should choose wider plates.
When compiling our rating of the best hair straighteners, we took into account not only their professional or household purpose, but also a number of other factors, one of the key points was user feedback and value for money. We hope that after exploring our top 10, you will be able to find the most suitable model for you.
Our rating is opened by this model, which is not too expensive, but quite convenient to use. It is capable of warming up to 200 degrees, the width of the plates is 20×90 mm, which makes the device the most suitable for fairly thin hair. The fabrics are floating, due to this, a better pressing of the hair is provided.
Heating to the required temperature is done very quickly, and the plates are heated evenly. There is an indicator indicating that the temperature has been reached. The power cord is hinged for 360-degree rotation, making the device even more convenient to use. There is a lock of the product in the closed position and a loop for hanging.
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This is one of the best low-cost hair straighteners for home use. It is not wide, fits well in the hand, perfectly straightens even thick and unruly hair. The device has elongated plates with a ceramic heating element that heats up to 210 degrees in just a few seconds.
There is an additional hair curling function. When using such a product, additional thermal protective agents should be used, and people with thin and brittle hair should refrain from using such an iron too often.
The model is equipped with floating plates that will press the hair closer to itself, straightening it with high quality. There is an indicator that indicates that the operating temperature of the device has been reached. Despite the fact that this iron warms up to 210 degrees, it consumes only 35 watts of electricity.
This is a rather original model, the design of which provides for a liquid crystal display showing the heating temperature of the plates. Heats up to a maximum of 200 degrees, the device is made on the basis of the modern Pro Curling System technology, which allows you not only to straighten hair, but also to make large or small curls. The plates are coated with UltraShine Nano Ceramic, which significantly reduces heat damage to hair. A thermal protective cover is included with the iron.