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Arts & Crafts in Nigeria
Arts & Crafts in NigeriaArts & Crafts in Nigeria are already booming and there is a huge demand for local craft brews – more than 100,000 bottles per year! Take a look and find your brew, and you’ll be surprised how many will be brewing their own beverages! The most impressive thing is that many of these local brewers are also using online shop services to buy locally produced beers – and this has changed the lives of some very excited people!

I have always said that our goal is for us to have the highest level of quality craft breweries in Nigeria. Not always to reach 100 online shopping service while we are also making some of the best international orders:

One of my business partners is a local artisan who has grown his craft on the weekends – this involves the local local company selling handmade goods as ‘made fresh’, and to try their best to sell a well balanced of quality products in our country.

In addition to this, we are now also opening a tasting room in the village of Yulanda, a major food and natural resources producing town.

This idea started when we moved onto my local bakery recently, which is built on farms here in