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12 best car jacks.

The benchmark in the market auto jacks: understand what kind of jack to choose for the garage.

Best Boot Jacks Best Bottle Jacks Best Rhombic Jacks Best Rack and Pinion Jacks.

To refute the need for a jack – Means refuting the obvious . No one is safe from wheel damage on the road; such devices are also more useful for garage repairs. But a wide variety of different car jacks on the market is capable of driving KöVETKEZő from Hungarian to English into a stupor novice motorists, especially their female part. The best car jacks — jacks, bottle jacks, rhombic jacks, rack and pinion jacks.. — presented in our car jack ranking.

Types of Car Jacks.

Simple and familiar jack type – it is screw-shaped, in which the rotation of the screw in one direction or another increases the angle of rotation «foot» (on lever-screw models) or shifts supporting profiles (on rhombic jacks). These auto jacks are cheaper, and the cars are equipped with them ex-works. At a glance – we will not consider lever-screw jacks in this rating and we strongly advise against receiving them – They are unstable and without insurance are simply unsafe for a motorist.

Rhombic jacks are even safer in this respect – Loads on their supporting platform are oriented strictly to the center of contact with the ground, as a result of which the car may stand firmly on such jack. But other disadvantages of screw jacks are preserved – slow motion, sharp wear of the pair «screw-nut», limited capacity. The rhombus jack will be the best choice for car owners with a weight of up to 1.5 tons, who only need the jack as an emergency option to change the spare.

Another type of mechanical jack – is a rack and pinion, also known as a highjack. Load capacity and long stroke (by standards of other jacks) made them indispensable attribute of cars prepared for lack of roads – In any other case the large and heavy mechanism makes no practical sense.

If you prefer to service your own vehicle without assistance from others, a hydraulic jack would be a good choice. Bottle jacks have limited vertical travel and are convenient at first for owners of cars with decent ground clearance – Their height with a retracted rod remains solid. But, having welded a simple iron frame, bottle jack can always be used as a hydraulic press. Jack jacks, though more expensive and palpably, are not only more comfortable for owners of city cars, but also indispensable for repairs: for example, they can simply hang up the engine or transmission as you need to remove one of the supports.

The least prevalent are pneumatic jacks. This jack – is actually a pneumatic cylinder that raises the car when inflated. Their main advantage – minimum space requirement in the «folded» and there’s no need to use physical force: it’s enough to hook up a compressor. But the susceptibility to damage and the tendency to «play» under load, making them not the best choice.